AKA Body Shamed for Man Boobs

AKA Body Shamed for Man Boobs HotNewSongs

Rapper AKA who is in Phuket, Thailand for vacation put up a picture while having fun and the said picture and accompanying video has caused quite a stir.


The rapper who was looking quite chubby, was just having a good time in the pool but haters being haters attacked him.


A video posted by AKA (@akaworldwide) on

Trolls took to the comments section of the post to judge the rapper’s body and urged the star to hit the gym.

“When you only work out when the camera is on, that’s the kind of chest you end up with,”

“N**ga need(s) to work out, his body looks like a bin bag,”

“I think you should start some gym,”

The rapper’s fans stood by their idol, saying he looked fine and that the trolls should “let the guy live”.

“Ladies, not every guy needs the gym. It’s the same as not every woman should get a boob job but some do, let the guy be,” wrote a fan.

It’s not clear whether AKA saw these comments but he took to Instagram a few hours later to announce that he had just got back from gym.

“Just got out the gym, feeling fresh, feeling blessed,” he wrote.

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